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Seminario de Física - Sobre Física de Partículas Experimental - Martes 3 de Octubre - 3:30 PM

10/03/2017 - 15:30

Título: "LHC physics at the lifetime frontier"

Dra. Giovanna Cottin, Universidad de Cambridge


Several models of new physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) predict the existence of massive, long-lived particles (LLPs) with  macroscopic decays. These can be reconstructed as displaced vertices inside the LHC detectors. The lack of evidence of any new physics at the LHC motivates to perform these unconventional searches, such as looking for displaced vertices. Indeed, the null results at the LHC may point that the new physics is so feebly coupled to our SM that its signatures may have been overlooked or misidentified by searches not dedicated to LLPs. Therefore, LHC searches at this so-called lifetime frontier can be critical in the discovery of new physics.


In this talk, I will present some phenomenological studies of models with displaced vertices. I will comment on the recast of current ATLAS displaced searches to a next-to-minimal gauge mediated SUSY model, with a long-lived singlino. Challenges and current limitations of displaced searches will be highlighted. I will also present a simple method for reconstructing particle masses in events with measurable  displaced vertices, whose utility is motivated by models with displaced dark matter signatures at colliders.

Martes 3 de Octubre a las 15:30 hrs.
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Departamento de Física
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