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Universidad de Santiago de Chile
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Oficina 24 - 2° piso - Block B
Investigador Asociado
Títulos y Grados:
  1. PhD Chemistry (2012), University of British Columbia
  2. BSc Chemistry (2007), Universidad de Chile


Dr. Herrera received a PhD in molecular physics from the University of British Columbia, working on quantum control of cold molecules.  
During his postdoctoral period at Harvard University, he began to explore the interface between chemical physics, quantum optics and quantum information.
His current research motivation is to find ways in which organic molecular systems can be used in quantum technologies, and also find ways in which tools from quantum information and quantum optics can be used to solve problems in chemistry and biology.


Publicaciones del Académico


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Efficient photon triplet generation in integrated nanophotonic waveguides
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Felipe Herrera
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, Vol. 78, 054702, pp.

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Coherent nonlinear optics with organic molecular ensembles for applications in quantum technologies
Felipe Herrera
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