Departamento de Física

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Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminarios de Física - 29 de Agosto - 3:30 pm

08/29/2018 - 15:30
Título: Characterization of a slow-varying process using Dynamic Speckle
Dr. Fabián Mosso, Departamento de Física, Universidad de Tarapacá
Abstract: When it illuminates a surface with coherent light; their roughness will produce a random distribution of dark and bright dots called speckle. The 3D structure of this pattern carries information related to its source. The change in time of this distribution is called dynamic speckle which has applications in the analysis of "active" objects (biological tissues, blood, among others). Here we analyze dynamic speckle as a noise signal. This analysis provides primary features of the slow-varying process occurring on the surface of a specimen. We construct a map from the time history speckle patterns (THSP) produced by the dynamics of a surface. We show that a β-map provides a complete description of the statistics of the intensity fluctuations and their autocorrelation in the time. All these features gathered from the values of a β-map give us a vast knowledge about the dynamics of the slow-varying process occurring in a study sample. We explore potential applications to establish degradation levels in archeological samples.

Miércoles 29 de agosto del 2018 a las 15:30 hrs.

Sala de Conferencias, 3er Piso

Departamento de Física

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

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