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Seminarios de Física en Línea | Miércoles 20 Mayo - 15:30 h | Dra. Carla Hermann, Universidad de Chile

05/20/2020 - 15:30
Con mucho agrado los invitamos a participar del seminario que dictará la Dra. Carla Hermann Avigliano, académica de la Universidad de Chile
El webinar se realizará este miércoles 20 de mayo de 2020 a las 15:30 horas mediante la plataforma Zoom.
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Titulo: Quantum optics for metrology: generation of large Fock states
Expositora: Dra. Carla Hermann Avigliano 
Afiliación: Académica DFI, FCFM, Universidad de Chile
Science plays a key role in the development of society. The first quantum revolution gave us new tools that shaped our world, with lasers and transistors being the most ubiquitous examples. However, we are currently witnessing how these technologies are reaching their limits, rapidly approaching the point where we cannot build faster, smaller, or more precise devices anymore. Driven by these needs, humankind is now in the midst of a second quantum revolution that aims to take advantage of quantum systems in order to develop novel technologies, such as quantum computers, high sensitivity metrology, and photonics circuits. In the field of quantum optics, a remarkable example is the use of quantum states of light, which recently made possible the detection of gravitational waves with enhanced sensitivity. This states are know a squeezed states, which are states of minimum uncertainty that have the property to squeeze one of their quadratures at the expense of the increase of the other one. Their potential applications, particularly for single mode a two-mode squeezed states, have greatly increased in recent decades, especially in the quantum metrology and in quantum information fields. Another interesting quantum states of light, especially for quantum metrology and quantum electrodynamics, are the famous Schrodinger’s cats-like states and Fock states. In this talk, we will explore different proposals for the generation and manipulation of such a states at the University of Chile.