Departamento de Física

Facultad de Ciencia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminario - Jueves 17 de Enero - 15:30 - Sebastián Pérez - Universidad de Santiago de Chile

01/17/2019 - 15:30
El Jueves 17 de Enero a las 15:30 horas, Sebastián Pérez, Astrofisico de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile, dará una charla en la sala de seminarios del tercer piso del Departamento de Física


Observing the dynamics of planet formation


Planet formation is an intricate and potentially chaotic process, but also extremely efficient as evidenced by the high frequency of exoplanet detections. Every star harbours at least one planet, yet learning about their origins has been remarkably difficult: no detection of a forming planet has been confirmed and characterised, partly due to lack of well-informed theoretical predictions. In this talk, I will briefly review recent breakthrough observations of protoplanetary disks and the quest for observing planets in their formation stages.  I will present a method that can provide detection of accreting planets and measurement of their mass. I will show preliminary results from our recent ALMA long baseline observations and discuss what these observation tell us about the planet formation process. 

Jordan Flight Luxe

Doctorado en Ciencia con Mención en Física