Departamento de Física

Facultad de Ciencia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminario de Física - Miércoles 11 de Abril - 3:30 PM

04/11/2018 - 15:30

Title: "Elastically Tunable Metasurfaces"

Dr. Yair Zárate, de Australian National University, Nonlinear Physics Centre

Abstract: Metasurfaces represent the most promising class of metamaterials for real applications, whereby arbitrary wavefront and polarisation control can be achieved using just a single sub-wavelength layer. The first generation of electromagnetic metamaterials was characterized by properties fixed during the assembly process. Nonetheless, recently there has been considerable interest to expand their functionality by designing systems capable of changing properties reversibly through external stimuli. Providing metasurfaces of reliable tuning mechanism is the next step to consolidate them as a real competitor in the industry of light technologies.

In this talk, I will give an extensive introduction to the concept of metamaterials, including a review of the basic principles up to the conception of the Huygens’ sources. Furthermore, a proper discussion about the advantages and limitations of metasurfaces is addressed. Finally I show two examples of functional metasurfaces, a flat flexible metasurface that acts as a focusing lens and a meta-array supporting a topological edge state of light. Both metasurfaces functionalities are tuned mechanically by means of a specially designed elastic holder.

Miércoles 11 de abril a las 15:30 hrs.
Sala de Conferencias, 3er Piso
Departamento de Física
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

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