Departamento de Física

Facultad de Ciencia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminario de Física - Miércoles 17 de Enero - 3:30 PM -

01/17/2018 - 15:30

Título: "Classical and non-classical properties of femtosecond light pulses and the generation of ultrashort photon-number squeezed states"

Birger Seifert, Pontificia Universidad Católica

Abstract: In spite of the advances in ultrashort-pulse measurement techniques there are still limitations because of ambiguities. One problem is concerned with separated frequency components and relative-phase ambiguities. Some consequences for phase retrieval algorithms are pointed out. The problem can be solved by a fully analytic and non-interferometric pulse characterization technique called "Very Advanced Method for Phase and Intensity Retrieval of E-fields" (VAMPIRE). 

The generation of ultrashort photon-number squeezed states in a polarization-maintaining optical fiber (PM fiber) is explained theoretically, and demonstrated experimentally. Ultrashort pulses from a Ti:sapphire laser operating at 800nm were launched into a PANDA type PM fiber which represents a symmetric fiber interferometer with displacement pulses in one arm and signal pulses in the other. Squeezing of -1.5dB was obtained.

Miércoles 17 de enero del 2018 a las 15:30
Sala de Conferencias, 3er Piso
Departamento de Física
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

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