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Seminario de Física - Miércoles 21 de Marzo - 3:30 PM

03/21/2018 - 15:30

Título: "Controlling the rare-earth spin with voltages"

Dr. Alejandro León de CEDENNA

Abstract: The voltage control of magnetism has attracted much attention because it can save power to operate magnetic random access memories [1].

​ ​ 

Experimentally, both voltage-induced ferromagnetic resonance [2,3] and magnetic switching [4,5] have been realized

 [6]. However, a stronger
​ ​

coupling would be highly desirable for practical applications of voltage-controlled devices. Here we demonstrate that this can be achieved by employing the strong spin-orbit interaction of rare earth atoms and the large electric field gradients at insulator|metal interfaces.

[1] C. Song, et al. Progr. in Mat. Sc. 87, 33 (2017). 
[2] T. Nozaki, et al. Nat. Phys. 8, 491 (2012). 
[3] J. Zhu, et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 197203 (2012). 
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Miércoles 21 de marzo de 2018, a las 15:30 hrs.
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Departamento de Física
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