Departamento de Física

Facultad de Ciencia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminario de Física - Miércoles 7 de Marzo - 3:30 PM

03/07/2018 - 15:30

Título: "Inverse spin Hall effect in exchange biased thin films"

Dr. Artur Harres de Oliveira y el Dr. Ricardo Barreto da Silva, de la Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brasil)

Abstract: Devices based on spin rectification effects are of great interest for broadband communication applications, since they allow the rectification of radio frequency signals by simple ferromagnetic materials. The phenomenon is enhanced at ferromagnetic resonance condition, which may be attained when an external magnetic field is applied. The necessity of such field, however, hinders technological applications. Exploring spin rectification and spin Hall effects in exchange-biased samples, we were able to rectify radio frequency signals without an external applied magnetic field. Direct voltages of the order of μV were obtained when Ta/NiFe/FeMn/Ta thin films were exposed to microwaves in a shorted microstrip line for a relatively broad frequency range. Connecting the films to a resistive load, we estimated the fraction of the incident radio frequency power converted into usable dc power.

Miércoles 7 de marzo 2018 a las 15:30 hrs.
Sala de Conferencias, 3er Piso
Departamento de Física
Universidada de Santiago de Chile

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