Departamento de Física

Facultad de Ciencia
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminario | Miércoles 02 octubre 2019 - 15:30 horas | Dr. Cristóbal Corral - U. de Santiago

10/02/2019 - 10:30

Con mucho agrado los invitamos a participar del seminario que dictará el Dr. Cristóbal Corral, investigador postdoctoral de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile, el miércoles 02 de octubre de 2019 a las 15:30 horas en la Sala de Conferencia del 3er piso del Departamento de Física.

“First-order formalism of gravity: Symmetries and exact solutions”
The first-order formalism of gravity is an approach to deal with gravitational theories by
considering the vielbein and Lorentz connection as independent fields. Its geometrical structure
allows one to include the spin density of matter as a gravitational source. In the first part
of this talk, we present a brief review of this formalism and show that their local symmetries,
when combined with an improved class of diffeomorphisms, form a Lie algebra that closes
off-shell. We present a mechanism that selects the symmetries in presence of non-dynamical
fields and study the case of Unimodular Gravity as a particular example. The second part of
this talk is devoted to present new exact solutions in first-order gravity. For instance, the
existence of different homogeneous black strings solutions in dynamical Chern--Simons modified
gravity is shown. Finally, we present an Euclidean charged Taub-NUT solution in cubic Lovelock
gravity as a deformed Wheeler's polynomial, the latter representing the first of its class for
stationary spacetimes.