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Seminarios de Física - 28 de Agosto - 3:30 pm

08/28/2018 - 15:30
Título: Revisiting the asymptotic dynamics of General Relativity on AdS_3
Dr. Javier Matulich, Universidad Libre de Brucelas, Bélgica.
Abstract: The dual dynamics of three-dimensional Einstein gravity on AdS supplemented with boundary conditions of KdV-type is identified. The boundary theory is obtained from the Hamiltonian reduction of the Chern Simons action endowed with an appropriate boundary term. The resulting theory corresponds to a two-dimensional field theory at the boundary, described by a novel action principle whose field equations are given by two copies of the "potential modified KdV" equation. The asymptotic symmetries then transmute into the global Noether symmetries of the dual action, giving rise to an infinite set of commuting conserved charges, implying the integrability of the system. Noteworthy, the theory at the boundary is non-relativistic and possesses anisotropic scaling of Lifshitz type.
Martes 28 de agosto del 2018 a las 15:30 hrs.

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Departamento de Física

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