Departamento de Física

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Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Seminarios de Física - Jueves 11 de Enero - 14:00 hrs

01/11/2018 - 14:00
Título: "Individual solid-state electronic spins for metrology and quantum information applications" 
14:00 Hrs - Jerónimo Maze, Pontificia Universidad Católica
Abstract: Color centers in diamond have become leading candidates for nanoscale metrology and quantum information applications. In particular, the nitrogen-vacancy color center has an electronic spin that can be optically prepared and readout at room temperature. It exhibits comparatively long coherence times to other solid-state electronic spins and its high degree of control has enabled novel applications in electric, magnetic and temperature sensing. In this talk, I will introduce to the nitrogen-vacancy center and defects alike and show how their atomic structure rules out their electronic dynamics and enables complete control of individual electronic and nuclear spins nearby. In particular, we will show how state-of-the-art atomic force and confocal microscopy can be combined to sense magnetic and electric fields at the nanoscale. Finally, the control of nuclear spins nearby the defect site can lead to interesting effective systems where concepts and applications developed in the optical domain such as electromagnetically induced transparency and stimulated Raman adiabatic passage can be implemented in the microwave domain gaining control over nuclear spins toward their implementation as qubits.

Jueves 11 de enero del 2018, a las 14:00 
Sala de Conferencias, 3er Piso
Departamento de Física
Universidad de Santiago de Chile



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