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Seminarios de Física - Jueves 11 de Enero - 15:30 hrs

01/11/2018 - 15:00
Título: "Functionalized Hybrid Nanomagnets: New Materials for Innovations in Energy Storage and Medical Theranostics"
15:30 Hrs - Michael Farle, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Abstract: In this presentation I will discuss the basic concepts of magnetic nanomaterials and their magnetic properties with a focus on how to tune specific parameters in a controlled fashion to achieve the dreams of the future. 
I will highlight state-of-the-art experimental technologies that allow us to understand microscopic properties and interactions in relation to electronic structure changes caused by changes in size, shape, and composition of nanomaterials. Then I will discuss how this understanding is used when nanomagnets are functionalized for targeted drug delivery or composed to form macroscopic materials for new energetic applications like magnetic refrigeration. 
I will demonstrate that the seemingly complex behavior of hybrid metal/metal, metal/oxide, or oxide/oxide interface materials can be understood from the three fundamental interactions in magnetism: magnetic exchange interaction due to orbital overlap, spin-orbit interaction due to inner- and intra-atomic relativistic corrections (e.g., crystal field effects) and the long-range magnetic dipolar interaction. Several examples will be presented, including the formation of above-room-temperature ferromagnetic interface layers between low-temperature antiferromagnetic layers and the evolution of lattices of magnetic textures (skyrmions) in confined dimensions.

Jueves 11 enero del 2018 a las 15:30 hrs.
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Departamento de Física
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

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