Óptica Cuántica

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Juan Carlos Retamal Abarzúa
Guillermo Romero Huenchuñir
Francisco Albarrán Arriagada


We dedicate our efforts to study Superconducting qubits and circuit QED, Quantum many-body systems, Driven-dissipative quantum systems, Light-matter interaction in low-dimensional systems, Quantum Information


Parity-Assisted Generation of Nonclassical States of Light in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics

Method to generate nonclassical states of light in multimode microwave cavities. Our approach considers two-photon processes that take place in a system composed of N extended cavities and an ultrastrongly coupled light–matter system. Under specific resonance conditions, our method generates, in a deterministic manner, product states of uncorrelated photon pairs, Bell states, and W states in different modes on the extended cavities. Furthermore, the numerical simulations show that the generation scheme exhibits a collective effect which decreases the generation time in the same proportion as the number of extended cavity increases. Moreover, the entanglement encoded in the photonic states can be transferred towards ancillary two-level systems to generate genuine multipartite entanglement. Finally, we discuss the feasibility of our proposal in circuit quantum electrodynamics. This proposal could be of interest in the context of quantum random number generator, due to the quadratic scaling of the output state.



Dynamical quantum phase transitions and non-Markovian dynamics

In the context of closed quantum systems, when a system prepared in its ground state undergoes a sudden quench, the resulting Loschmidt echo can exhibit zeros, resembling the Fisher zeros in the theory of classical equilibrium phase transitions. These zeros lead to nonanalytical behavior of the corresponding rate function, which is referred to as the dynamical quantum phase transition (DQPT). In this paper, we investigate DQPTs in the context of open quantum systems that are coupled to both Markovian and non-Markovian dephasing baths via a conserved quantity. The general framework is corroborated by studying the nonequilibrium dynamics of a transverse-field Ising ring. Our paper might shed light on theoretical developments of DQPTs in the strong system-bath coupling regime. 



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